A study in the morphology of recollection.

My current body of work has been built by appropriating and reinterpreting the same forms based on the intuitive geometry of nature. Each new work is a reflection of the last.   

Over time, memories become fragmented, broken down, and reconstructed. Though the root is the same, the structure is constantly being re-translated and restructured each time we remember an event. Memories are built upon memories, and the further we get from an actual event, the more divergent they become. This doesn't make them any less beautiful, only less literal. Focus and perspectives shift from one piece to the next.

Using the language of erosion, decay, growth processes and the passage of time, each unique work is meant to recreate a moment of discovery; something of interest that grabs our attention, something familiar, but can't be defined.

These represent found objects tied to a place, event, or moment in time. Each unique sculpture is the reinterpretation of an original that represents a past experience as if it's been carried from another place -- a remnant or reminder of the past. Instead of displaying these originals, only representations of them are displayed; fragmented, rebuilt, and retold over time, just as memories have been.