After graduating in 2002 with a degree in Environmental Science and a minor in art from SFASU, Jason Mehl worked as an environmental scientist and climbing instructor while traveling around the wilderness areas of North America.

From 2008-2013 Mehl lived in South Korea where he was a co-founder of Something Something Project Space international artist collective, taught at Seokyeong University, and helped develop numerous new climbing areas around the country, all while working full-time as an exhibiting artist.

He’s been an Artist in Residence at Seoul Artspace Mullae in Seoul, S. Korea as well as the Fairmont Hotel Artist in Residence in the arts district of Dallas, TX, where he went on to become the residency director before moving to Aspen, CO in 2017.

Mehl has had numerous solo exhibitions both domestic and abroad, and is working on large-scale sculpture installations, most of which will be bronze and Stainless Steel. Which is fitting seeing as his great grandfather, Robert Franklin Mehl played a vital role in the transition of nineteenth-century metallurgy into the much broader field of modern day materials science.

Jason Mehl currently lives in Aspen, CO where time in the wilderness drives his creative process.